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विश्व के टॉप 10 करोड़पति

No.NameNet worth (USD)AgeNationalitySource(s) of wealth
1Bill Gates$87.0 billion61United StatesMicrosoft
2Warren Buffett$76.6 billion86United StatesBerkshire Hathaway
3Jeff Bezos$71.8 billion53United
4Amancio Ortega$71.4 billion80SpainInditex, Zara
5Mark Zuckerberg$58.0 billion32United StatesFacebook
6Carlos Slim$55.8 billion77MexicoAmérica Móvil, Grupo Carso
7Larry Ellison$53.2 billion72United StatesOracle Corporation
8Charles Koch$48.8 billion81United StatesKoch Industries
8David Koch$48.7 billion76United StatesKoch Industries
10Michael Bloomberg$48.0 billion75United StatesBloomberg L.P.
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