Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes, And Best Birthday Messages

A friend is the one who is always at your disposal whenever you need it. A friend who is always with you when you need their attention. We will celebrate your happy birthday with more joy and happiness this year. The collection of birthday wishes you’ve been looking for is finally here. In this section, we compile the best birthday messages and expressions you can use. You want your loved ones and your family to have a Happy Birthday.

birthday wishes

Happy birthday my dear friend, may the bright colors paint your life and you be happy forever. Stay blessed.

birthday wishes for friend

You’re growing more beautiful with each passing year. Continue to bloom you little Ms. sunshine. Happy birthday.

birthday status for sister on whatsapp

On your special day, I wish you the finest things that life can offer you, starting with all the love you deserve! Happy birthday!


On this day, it seems words are not enough to let you know what you mean to me. You are my best friend, confidant, and always push me to achieve my dreams. You mean the world to me and I adore you, best friend! Happy birthday!


I wish I could write your name on the sky to let the world know how special you are to me. Here’s me wishing you a very happy birthday!


Happy birthday friend, lets continue doing all the stupid things we do together for life.

birthday shayari

Sure, you’re a year older, but we’ve got a lot more years of shenanigans ahead of us. When we’re in the old folks home we’ll still be causing trouble!

happy birthday wishes sms

No Cake is as sweet as you are… Yet I have ordered one…Hope you like it; Happy Birthday

birthday wishes for colleague

When you were born, we knew that God had sent us a beautiful angel. And you’ve only become more angelic with every passing year, bringing joy to our lives. Happy birthday, our lovable angel!

happy birthday wishes

Sweet birthday wishes for your little one turning ONE May you be always proud of your bundle of joy.

happy birthday images

Thanks for being patient to tolerate students like us Wish you a happy birthday.


Happy birthday! Words alone cannot express how much you mean to me and how much it means to me to celebrate another year of your wonderful life!


Can I steal a little moment of yours from this special day to let you know that you are very special to someone, and that someone is me. Love you dear friend. Happy birthday!


birthday message for friend

Happy birthday to the one friend who gets me more than anyone, even during my moments of insanity!


If God would have granted me one wish, I would ask him to make all your wishes come true. Happy birthday my dear!


Happy birthday dear. You have been there in my life as a guiding light. Stay blessed.

birthday quotes for friend

Birthdays are like your own personal Christmas! Merry birthday to my best friend!


Happy Birthday… beautiful … Keep lighting up the world on your birthday


Hope this year you shine as bright as the sun and your smile be as sparkling as the moon. Happy birthday love.

bday wishes

When I first met you, I had no idea how important you would be to me. Happy birthday to my best friend in the world.


Happy Birthday, Honey! We have shared so many fond memories together over the years. I hope there are many more to come. Let’s share in this special moment and make memories to last a lifetime.

best birthday wishes

Hope your birthday bestows you with more happiness, love and fun than you ever thought you could take…and then some! You deserve it all. Enjoy your special day!


As you blow the candles tonight and make a wish, I will silently pray to God to make it all come true. Happy birthday dear!

birthday quotes

Keep Smiling, Be happy, and make all your dream comes true in coming years. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!


Here I am wishing birthday the sweetest and coolest person ever I meet. Have the happiest birthday.

You’re not just my best friend. You’re my sister. You may not have been born my sister, but we are family and we’ll always be family.


May you continue to improve as a person every New Year. Wishing you a happy birthday.

birthday wishes

To the world, you may be just a person, but to me, you are more than the world. Happy birthday love.

birthday wishes image

Hope your birthday brings you whatever you want. You deserve happiness, love and, most of all, fun on your special day.

romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend

I am always thankful to whatever force that brought you into my life. Wishing you a happy birthday, darling.

best birthday wishes

Happy birthday! May you always have the energy and love for life. Enjoy your youth and always display a smile on your face, even through the worst of times.

happy birthday sms for girlfriend

I was thinking to gift something cool, funny and amazing, then suddenly I remember you already have me in your life.


Life’s too short to spend it with people you don’t love. That’s why I hang out with you so much. Happy birthday!

birthday quotes

Life is tough but birthdays are smooth because I will finally have a chance to smile at you. Happy birthday

birthday messages

I only have the best birthday blessings for you — today and forever. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday to the love of my life. Thank you for making my life colorful.

birthday greetings

This special day is God’s own way of saying He loves you so much and the He wants you to keep being a good child. Have a blessed birthday my dear friend.

heart touching birthday letter for girlfriend

This cake and card are as warm as they can be,
I want to show you how much you mean to me;
I’ll send you hugs and wishes to bless your way,
Smile a lot because it’s your birthday!

happy birthday messages

Happy cake on your face daily. Happy birthday my dear friend.


It’s your day! Go, Fly, swim, life beyond the expectations, make unconventional happen, wish you a very happy birthday.

happy birthday quotes

What is a friend? You. You is a friend. You is my best friend. Best friend is have birthday. Happy birthday.


Birthdays are unique times, the more you celebrate, the more you are assured of success.

happy birthday to you

Happy birthday. Let’s light your birthday candles and mark the most special day of the year — your birthday.


Here’s to you, my love and my life, wishing you the happiest and most peaceful of days. May your days be as blessed as the most miraculous of ones. Happy birthday!


Before your hair gets totally gray, I want you to know that I love you so much Dad. Happy Happy Birthday!

happy happy birthday

It comes once in 365 days, yes I am talking about your birthday. Let’s make it BIG for you with good wishes from us.


Happy birthday to my best friend. I hope it is filled with awesomeness!


We play together, We laugh together, We grow together. Thank you sis, Happy Birthday!

happy birthday text

Happy birthday to the most beautiful person I have ever meet on this earth. Happy birthday.

birthday status

It’s your day! But leave it in the capable hands of your best friends. We’ll treat you right!

birth day wishes

With this birthday, you’re a little older and a lot more wonderful. Have the happiest of special days.


Happy birthday to the love of my life. Thank you for making my life colorful.

bday message

Once a year, you celebrate. It’s a big, big day to take! Happy Birthday!


Wish you will have an extraordinary birthday like the most outstanding you are. Happy birthday, dear.

birthday wishes for husband

Wishing you every good thing I can give you today and always. Happy birthday to my loving husband!


You are one contagion the world will never be afraid of. Let’s all have fun on this special day of yours.

special birthday wishes

Happy cake on your face daily. Happy birthday my dear friend.

happy bday wishes 

I hope you have a very happy birthday. Full of beers and cheers!

birthday thoughts

Happy birthday to you my friend; You bring so much joy to my heart!

birthday status for brother

Light and blow out each candle on your birthday cake…not because it’s what people do, but to celebrate another special day of your extraordinary life. Happy birthday.

birthday wishes for lover

The essence of beauty is found in your heart; the purest of love flows from your heart. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

birthday status for sister on whatsapp

One of the reasons why I treasure our family is that someone like you is part of it. Happy birthday, dear sister!

happy birthday wishes quotes

Smile, Smile, Smile, and keep smiling because of its your birthday here. Happy birthday, dude.


Best friends are like farts. Some are quiet. Some are loud. They embarrass you in public. They make you feel good. And they make you laugh.

funny birthday

Take a day off to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday


How old are you?! Nah, you don’t look a day over amazing.

one happy birthday

There’s no better best friend than you in my world. Happy birthday.

happy birthday mom

Happy birthday to the woman who inspires, amazes, and motivates me every day. I love you with all of my heart, Mom!


Time flies so fast. You’re a grown up lady now. I thank God for giving you to us. You’re such a blessing. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

wish you happy birthday

Congratulation! You have come across one more amazing year. Wishing you a very happy birthday.


My best friend is sweeter than cake, more colorful than confetti, and hotter than a candle. And it’s her birthday. Happy birthday!

happy birday

Wishing you a memorable day and an adventurous year, Happy birthday.


I want this day to come every time, so I can thank your parents every day for bringing such a wonderful person to me. Happy birthday.

happiest birthday

Good ole Dad: enjoy all the attention because today is all about you. Happy Birthday.


My blessings are always with you and when you celebrate the Birthday I feel happier and excited. Happy Birthday My dear friend


Acts of kindness, even if it was small, is hands down a better way to live life. Have fun celebrating you birthday.


Let’s light up the candles, cut cakes, and celebrate this special day of your life. It’s party time, Happy birthday.

happy bday wishes

It’s not the number of friends. It’s the quality of them. Thanks for being the best of the best. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


just woke up my neighbors, can’t contain my excitement on your birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY – See you soon.

best birthday messages for papa

Wishing you a new year full of caught opportunities, met goals, and peaceful moments. Happy birthday, Papa!


I’m sure you’re going to paint this day with bright and warm colors that just make you smile with but a single glance. You do realize you’re like that to everyone, right?

birthday msg

I am feeling awesome to wish birthday to the best soul ever I meet on this planet. Thanks for joining us.


It’s your birthday. You can dance if you want to. You can leave your cares behind. And if you need a dance partner, count me in!


From one hopeful dreamer to another, may you have the happiest of birthdays, the kind that wishful thoughts are made of.

happy birthday funny

Scientists agree that too many birthdays can be bad for your health… Happy birthday and take it easy on the cake!


Hey buddy, it’s your birthday today, so no work, only fun and fill it will all things that you love to do. Happy birthday.

happy b day

I want to lose myself in your arms, happy birthday, my love, my life.


My life belongs to you. My heart belongs to you. My love belongs to you. I belong to you. Let’s make your special day truly all about you. Happy birthday! I love you.

best happy birthday wishes

Happy birthday to you! My words of wisdom on this special day is to keep smiling while you still have all your teeth intact


My dearest, you’re simply the best May you enjoy your birthday and have fun. Happy Birthday to you!

happy birthday greetings

You look startling every time when your birthday cakes smashed into your face. Hope this year the cake will be bigger!! Happy birthday.


today is your birthday. It’s the day we celebrate how ridiculously awesome you are!

birthday wishes

The best secret yet to be revealed is your true age.
Happy birthday my dear friend.


I hope this day be a wonderful and a happy day for you! Have a fantastic birthday to you and be happy always!

birthday comments

Having you as my friend is a privilege to me. Happy birthday. You are precious.

happy bit

I love having someone in my life that I don’t have to be an adult around. Thank you so much for bringing out the kid in me. I hope you have a joyful birthday!

birthday wishes

With you, no minute spent is same, it is always what next. Keep it happening, Happy Birthday!


Wishing you, my best friend, the best of birthdays — with the best of me by your side every step of the way to make sure.

bday wish msg

Wishing you a true beauty with whom to share your day. Oh wait, I’m already here. Lucky you! Happy birthday, special one!


Never think you are alone, i am always there for all your fixes. Happy birthday.

happy bri

Happy birthday friend, lets continue doing all the stupid things we do together for life.


Dear Boss, no one works as hard as you do. You deserve to have a day off on your special day. Happy Birthday!

best happy birthday

Birthdays don’t make us older, but wiser and more mature.


Happy Birthday to someone who defines being exceptionally articulate and overwhelmingly smart. Have fun!

birthday wishes

Since you came into my life, my life has become brighter.


Wishing one of the best individuals I know the very best birthday.


Wishing you the greatest birthday ever.


Your age makes no difference. You do. Every day. Happy birthday


Jump for joy! It’s the birthday celebration of our one and only peanut! Have a wonderful birthday, sweetie!

happy birthday wishes for a friend

We have yet to see the end part of your book of life, but on this special day, a new chapter turns and we both know how exciting it is going to be. Have good one my friend, and happy birthday!

birthday wishes for friend

Only good people are lucky to find wishes from their well wishers. Happy birthday.


Friends don’t let friends celebrate their birthdays by themselves. Let’s get your party started. Happy birthday, BFF!

happy birthday wishes sms

My wish for you on this special day is that Lord Jesus will give more a hundred more years of life filled with peace and love.


You aged again. Do you want me to buy you a rocking chair? Happy Birthday, enjoy the day!

happy birthday wishes sms for friend

When nothing goes right, i go to you. You’re my go to person at every hour. Happy birthday.


To my best friend, I wish you all the happiness in the world in the coming year. I hope your birthday is the best and the days after it are even better.

birthday message for a special friend

May everyday bring something new and exciting for you, may this birthday turn out to be as wonderful as you.


The sense of accomplishment I feel as a parent is to see you fulfill your dreams and cover longer distances than I did. Happy Birthday & keep dreaming!

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